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Are you setting up or developing a biotechnology, med tech or e-health business ?

We offer early, expert assistance to start-ups on issues specific to the sector such as : access to government funding, patents, clinical strategy, CE marking, and reimbursements, with the assistance of our expert partners.

We offer customized support in three main areas :


  • Forming management team
  • Drafting shareholder agreements
  • Setting up a board of directors
  • Identifying key positions
  • Profit-sharing incentive schemes (stock warrants, stock warrants for founders, free share issues)
  • As a health professional/researcher, how can I set up a business ?
  • What incentives can attract key people to invest in my company ?
  • What is the benefit of creating an advisory committee ?
  • How can I involve health professionals in my business ?


  • Intellectual property rights agreements
  • Eligibility fortax incentives for Young Innovative Companies (JEI) and/or Research Tax Credit (CIR)
  • Health data compliance - GDPR
  • Platform/marketplace services- Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Marketing of medical devices (MD) and in vitro diagnostic medical devices (DMDIV)
  • Formalizing of strategic partnerships
  • International development
  • If I want to market medical devices, what regulatory requirements apply ?
  • What are my legal obligations for processing health data ?
  • What kind of contractual relations can I form with players in the health care ecosystem ?
  • How can I structure my contractual relationships and cash flows on my platform ?


  • Forecasts and valuation
  • Identifying potential investors
  • Strategy and scheduling of funding rounds
  • Legal structure
  • Negotiating with investors
  • Legal documents (Letters of intent, by-laws, shareholder agreements)
  • What funding rounds apply to my business ?
  • Whatfunding tools best correspond to my business ?
  • How can I attract potential investors 
  • How can I safeguard my role in the company ?

Our panel of experts

Pascal Girin

Pascal Girin

30 years of experience in the medical device industry and in innovative technologies in Europe, America and Asia

Pascal Girin is French-American. He has worked in the medical technology industry for over 30 years and held multiple executive and board positions in multinational groups. He has launched a number of innovative technologies in the European, American and Asian markets.

He is currently Chairman of Balt SAS, a world leader in stroke treatment. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of CarThera SA and a board member of ClearPoint Neuro, Inc. The latter companies develop innovative treatments for brain diseases.

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Laurence Riot Lamotte

Laurence Riot Lamotte

CFO for innovative companies since 2004, experience incoordinating French biotech IPOs

Laurence Riot Lamotte has worked as CFO of innovative healthcare companies since 2004. Formerly CFO of Aureus Pharma, LBMA and IntegraGen, where she coordinated a 2014 IPO and friendly takeover in 2020, she is currently CFO of DIACCURATE. She started her career in Deloitte’s Audit department and then spent several years working for large corporate groups (Thomson) and in telecommunications (Deutsche Telekom).

Laurence is a Neoma graduate and holds the German « Diplombetriebswirt ». She also holds a Master’s degree in Telecom and New Media Management and a certificate in Corporate Finance from French business school HEC.

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Egon Wülfert

Egon Wülfert

Egon has 20 years of experience in clinical research and development strategies for new therapies and treatments

With over 20 years of experience in clinical research with major pharmas such as Johnson&Johnson, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Abbott Vascular and Philips, Egon now shares his expertise with small and medium-size companies in the health care industry. He assists them in defining their strategy for the development of new therapies.

He has a deep understanding of the various issues raised in adopting innovative medical technologies, including both reimbursement requirements and market access regulations, both in Europe and internationally. He guides health care entrepreneurs from the earliest development stages.

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Marc Chevalier

Marc Chevalier

Working with health tech project leaders for over 10 years, Marc is an expert in innovation development and entrepreneurship within research institutes

Marc has a PhD in Neuroscience and participated in several postdoctoral programs in France and the USA. He has taken part in numerous entrepreneurial projects in the Health Tech and Ed Tech sectors as project manager or partner.

A former start-up program manager at the Pasteur Institute and in charge of the Bioentrepreneurship department at the Imagine Institute, he is currently director of Innovation at the Liryc (Electrophysiology and heart modeling institute). The institute is dedicated to heart rhythm disorders. Its role is to provide research, innovation, care, education and training.

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