Fund raising

You start your own company or you want to develop your business and you need funding.

We offer customized support based on three main principles:


  • Planning phase
  • Valuation assistance
  • Legal and financial audit
  • Identifying potential investors
  • Dilutive and/or non-dilutive distribution
  • How can I value my company ?
  • How can I raise funds without increasing the value of my company right away ?
  • Are my financing needs in line with my business plan?
  • What type of investor should I look for ?


  • Fund raising strategy
  • Scheduling of the funding phases
  • Legal structure
  • Setting up a Board
  • Drafting a partnership agreement
  • What are the best financing tools for my project ?
  • What is SAFE -Simple Agreement for Future Equity (BSA AIR) ?
  • How to attract and reassure potential investors ?
  • How to guarantee a part of the capital to people playing a key role in the project?

Realization/ Implementation

  • Negotiating with the investors
  • Anticipating the clauses concerning minority shareholders
  • Scope of the contract (LAW, articles of incorporation partners' agreement)
  • Completing the formalities
  • Follow-up after-fund raising
  • What are the important clauses for a founder ?
  • How to retain my share of capital ?
  • How to organize the exit of the minority shareholders ?
  • How can I safeguard my role in the company ?

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