Banking & Finance

You are creatinge or developing a banking & finance business, crypto assets or you are developing a fintech

We offer customized support based on three main principles structured around three main areas :

Project analysis

  • Financial Cash Flow Analysis Assessing if licensing or certification are required ; Identification of the appropriate financial institution; and Procedures that are relevant to carrying out the activity.
  • Financial review of the business activity
  • Legal review (managerial integrity and legal organization).
  • Do I need a license to operate my business ?
  • What are the alternative options ?
  • What are the financial requirements to carry out my business ?
  • What are the expectations of the financial institutions ?

Obtaining the necessary authorizations

  • Management of the whole dossier.
  • Creation of the dossier for the competent authorities (including Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and Prudential and Resolution Control Authority (ACPR))
  • Follow-up of the dossier and exchanges with the competent authority
  • How to get AMF or ACPR approval ?
  • Does my digital asset service business (PSAN) require registration ?
  • Which intermediary should I turn to, in order to obtain an authorization ?
  • How can I optimize the management of my financial cash flow ?

Follow-up and development of the business activity

  • Identifying potential investors
  • Strategy and scheduling of the funding phases
  • Legal structure
  • Negotiating with the investors
  • Scope of the contract (LAW, articles of incorporation partners' agreement)
  • Development of the business on a larger scale
  • What are the existing financing tools that fit my market and my business ?
  • How to scale up my business ?
  • Do I need new permits as a result of my business development ?
  • Is my permit valid in other European countries ?

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